bvidya User Guidelines

bvidya’s User Guidelines apply when you are using bvidya’s website, services and mobile application and will apply when you make use of our services provided through our platform. These guidelines are designed to ensure that our services offer a pleasant experience to everyone using our platform.

Please note that bvidya reserves the right to update these guidelines from time to time. You can find the updated User Guidelines on the website.

Violating the User Guidelines may lead to the removal of the content you have contributed to bvidya and/or suspension of your account, pending action from the bvidya quality team.

The following practices are not allowed on bvidya or our services to keep the platform equal for everyone and a safe place for users.

Please respect bvidya, the owners of the material and content on our platform, and other users of our services. Don't engage in any activity, post any user content, or register or use a username, which is or includes material that:


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