New 4-year UG Programme to Make Applying to Foreign Universities Easier

New 4-year UG Programme to Make Applying to Foreign Universities Easier

The University Grants Commission (UGC) has brought out a new draft of the Four Year Undergraduate Programme (FYUP) that will help students aspiring for higher education abroad.

According to data presented by the government in the Lok Sabha, six lakh Indian students travelled to foreign nations for higher education till November this year. The number was 4.44 lakhs for 2021.

The data states that the top five countries where Indian students go for higher education are Canada, Germany, Australia, the US, and Italy.

The new draft by the UGC will allow students to get an undergraduate ‘Honours’ degree after the completion of four years, as compared to three years before. This will put the programme completion procedure in line with international standards.

With the latest development of this draft, Indian students will get more opportunities for higher studies in universities located in the US and Western countries.

There are some academicians that do not agree with the new draft’s proposed benefits. Professor Ashish Gupta, Pro Vice Chancellor of JK Lakshmipat University, is of another opinion.

“FYUP will help students who seek admission in many renowned universities of the US, but there is a need to teach such skills in the programme to increase employment as that will be of great help to students studying abroad,” he said.

“These skills may include communication, adaptability, foreign languages, and self-awareness. But to make such proposals in Indian institutions to get admission in foreign institutions is not fair for students,” he added.


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