Video Conferencing

Connecting Tomorrow’s Change-Makers Seamlessly.

Video conferencing on Bvidya is simple, secure, and uninterrupted.
Also, it’s completely free!

Bring Virtual Meetings To Life.

Meetings on Bvidya are smooth and of high quality. With many user-centric features, video conferencing is the preferred choice for group conversations.

Start/stop the video

Choose any time you want to conduct the virtual meeting and easily stop once you're done. No multiple steps required.


Want to review the meeting later? Record the session and save it so that you can go through the points discussed again.


Add participants to your scheduled meeting by simply sending an invitation link to the intended recipient.

Screen sharing

Share your screen with the other members to get everybody on the same page.


Chat with other members during the meeting to clarify doubts, or have a little side discussion.

Share files

Quickly share attachments with the participants to facilitate the learning process.

HD Video and

Easy Content and
Screen Sharing

Powerful Meeting

Recordings and


Plus, More Features You Can Count On.

Schedule and conduct a virtual conference for every situation. It can be a classroom lesson, a work meeting, or a friendly discussion. Glitch-free video conferencing is available for all uses.

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