Reasons Why Part Time Teaching Opportunities are Gaining Traction

Reasons Why Part Time Teaching Opportunities are Gaining Traction

With rising inflation, the possibility of lockdown due to the COVID-19 pandemic, and the need to maintain a healthy work-life balance, teachers are trying to find viable alternatives to classroom teaching. Anything from part time teaching opportunities to becoming a subject matter expert, educators are exploring all options.

There has been a steep rise in the number of online teaching opportunities in recent times. Even students are becoming more inclined towards online learning. In today’s post, we’ll learn why the online learning industry is blossoming rapidly.

Five of the Most Important Reasons for the Shift

Given below are the top five factors that have contributed significantly to people turning to online learning platforms:

  1. Availability of enhanced digital technologies – In previous times, there were no video conferencing or group call applications. Even if they were, using them was filled with hassles. But with the advent of advanced technology and the boom in digital device usage, teachers and students are finding the online learning space more preferable.
  2. Give students outside exposure – The classroom environment only offered a limited amount of exposure to students, no matter which type of school or college they studied in. With the help of online learning platforms, those students can interact with a global network of like-minded individuals.
  3. The need for a second income source – The cost of daily essentials and commodities is constantly rising due to various geopolitical and environmental factors. This has prompted people to search for an additional income stream and part time tutoring jobs online are a great option.
  4. The comfort of working from anywhere – Sticking to a strict daily schedule was working before. However, the situation changed after the coronavirus pandemic, and people were forced to teach and learn from their homes. This provided flexibility in the education sector which wasn’t there before, at least not at the scale it is now. In current times, teachers prefer teaching online in their free time to help support their families, physically and financially.
  5. Add another feather to their cap – Teaching online also provides additional experience to instructors, which they can show in their CV to get more opportunities with better pay and responsibilities.

Choose a Reliable Education Platform

It takes some research to determine which platform, among the many that offer remote part time jobs for teachers, is trustworthy. However, there is an excellent option available for expert instructors – bvidya.

Our e-learning platform offers various options for teachers and students to join together and continue their academic journey. The platform is secure, with the workings and features clearly explained in the Instructor Agreement and on the website.


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