Challenges Faced by Teachers on Online Teaching Platforms and Their Solutions

Challenges Faced by Teachers on Online Teaching Platforms and Their Solutions

The COVID-19 pandemic brought everything to a standstill across the world. Some sectors were hit extremely hard, while others survived a little more comfortably. However, the education sector belonged to the former category, prompting several Indian teachers to choose online teaching platforms in India.

However, the transition was not smooth. Hurdles lay on the path to a smooth learning experience for both teachers and students. But it was more challenging for educators who were the primary force behind online teaching platforms.

What Are Some of the Main Challenges Teachers Face and How to Solve Them?

Despite the flexibility and convenience that such online platforms provide, educators face several challenges on these online learning venues.

Here are some of the common ones with their resolution.

  1. Lack of Proper Communication

Effective communication between teachers and students is one of the critical areas of focus when designing any online learning platform. Without seamless communication, the learning process doesn’t produce the expected results.

The Solution

To address the communication problem, you must speak directly to your students to hold their attention. You may ask your students to unmute the mic only when speaking to avoid background noise. Also, maintaining proper etiquette and professional decorum goes a long way.

  1. Unable to Keep Students Engaged

Students mostly get lax during online classes. It proves difficult for teachers to engage students in their course learning when they can get distracted due to a variety of reasons.

The Solution

Try to find innovative and creative methods of teaching. For example, teaching through videos and podcasts is an excellent alternative to simply speaking on a topic for hours. You can also involve students in a fun quiz that incorporates the concepts you want them to pick up.

  1. Tech Knowledge Deficit

One of the problems faced by teachers in online teaching is that they are not very familiar with the technical aspects of the platforms to use for online teaching. This proves especially detrimental to educators that fall in the age bracket of 45 years and above.

The Solution

Instructors should look for user-friendly platforms that provide easy-to-use tools to conduct online classes for students. Platforms that offer a helpful guide to teachers on how to use the platform are also great for use.

Opt for a Reliable Online Teaching Platform

In the era of numerous online teaching platforms, settling on a good one can prove to be a task. However, you can rely on bvidya – a learning platform that makes teaching and learning as effortless as breathing.

Our educational platform uses secure tools and technologies to deliver impactful learning. We provide a user-friendly and interactive platform that allows expert teachers to impart knowledge without hassles.

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