5 Activities that Help Break the Ice on Remote Teaching Platforms

5 Activities that Help Break the Ice on Remote Teaching Platforms

Inexperience with using digital platforms for learning is one of the major factors that hinder the adoption of the latest internet technologies. While teachers search for the best paid online teaching platform, students search for teachers who can make the learning process a breeze.

Since every educational institution has unique teaching methodologies and environments, it can create some discord when it comes to online teaching platforms, where students and teachers come from diverse places.

How to Deal with the Unsaid Discomfort Experienced by Students?

Believe it or not, students are a little uncomfortable at the start when attending an online class, transitioning from the traditional physical classroom. This can create a challenge for educators.

The good news is that sudden pauses and awkward silences can be diffused with some preparation and planning. Once the ice is broken, teaching students becomes much easier, and students also learn faster in a collaborative environment.

Top Ways to Open the Path to Fun-filled Learning

Here are the five best drills you can conduct to make the atmosphere friendly:

  • Discuss common interests – Communication is essential during an online class. When students speak to each other without inhibitions, each group member will know the areas of interest they can connect with other students and even teachers. This activity can also act as a stress reliever.
  • Storytelling – As the host of the online class, a teacher can also get things going by getting groups of students to tell a short story. It is an engaging activity that will produce several creative ideas and hold students’ interest.
  • Mood check-in – Gauging the emotional intelligence of students can help teachers connect with their learners on an emotional level. This way, you can know how a student is feeling at a particular point in time and deal with them accordingly.
  • One-word answers – In this activity, everyone would be asked to describe themselves in one word and why they chose that particular word. Doing this activity is a fun way of uncovering a group member’s personality traits and even their silly side.
  • Show and tell – A simple ice-breaking activity, show and tell involves each person picking an item from their room, explaining they came into its possession and why they own it. This generates several short and unique stories, making the atmosphere comfortable.

The Rest is Cakewalk

If you’re an expert educator working from your home at one or more of the many remote teaching platforms, you can bind students to your teaching experience by following the steps mentioned above.

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