Live Streaming

Broadcast Yourself To A Wide Audience In Real-Time

bvidya’s live streaming service allows you to create and record live videos for the world to see. Unlimited duration, free of charge!

Bring virtual streaming to life.

Engage your audience with your video live streaming through exciting facilities. Grab the attention of your viewers.

Share screen

Let your audience see what you want them to using the screen sharing feature.


Add participants to your live stream by sending an invite link to help them join instantly.

Social media

Share your live streaming link on social media to engage more people from your network.


Stream and record your live streaming session for later viewing by you or your audience.

Live chat, Poll, and Q&A

Interact with your viewers with excellent features like live chat, online poll, and real-time Q&A.


Work closely with your viewers with tools like whiteboard and document sharing option.

Go Live & Thrive

Can Be Viewed On
All Devices

Live streaming sessions can be conducted through the web platform and viewed
from any device. Our live streaming service is compatible with watching on every

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Live Streaming



Rs 9,999



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